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We wish to introduce SHAH-LEY PVT. LTD, established in 1969 as one of the SHABBIR GROUP of Companies, involved in the Manufacturing and Export of Sporting goods, Sports wear and Motorcycles gloves. The President Mr. Mohsin A. SHABBIR has 4-decades of experience in the production of Foot balls, Volley balls, Hand balls, Rugby balls and Beach soccer balls and their utilities. The same experience guides SHAH-LEY in it’s Leather Motor bike gloves and Sports wear lines.

You are requested to go through our web site,  so that you have an idea of our products and our product range. Please feel free to let us know if you do not find the article that you are looking for on our web site, we will be happy to oblige you as it is not possible for us to display all our articles because of continual product developments.


Gone are the days when Leather balls were produced and sold around the World with so many difficulties e.g. Loss of shape retention, Water absorbance, Loss of weight etc, etc …

The balls to-day are produced/made of Artificial Leather (Poly Vinyl Carbons/PVC and POLY URETHANE/PU) which guarantee shape retention, 100% waterproof. The balls shown on our website are made of different materials in Artificial Leather.  

Production Capacity:- 

Our Manufacturing Capacity of all types of balls mentioned above is 1000 balls in assorted qualities and models. Each process is supervised by qualified personnel i.e. Lining, Printing, Cutting (Done by Hydro Electric presses) etc, etc.



We have a printing section with experienced workers having the ability/capacity to print multiple colour logo’s of your choice. Any logo that you wish to be printed requires you to send us the artwork of the said logo giving us the design colour scheme details as well as instructions on which panel/s you would like the logo to be printed on.





We are proud of the fact that the balls made by us are 100% CHILD LABOUR FREE and are sewn by adult Men and Women. All balls are kept under observation for 36 hours after stitching to ensure that they are not punctured while stitching.



Each ball is individually packed in a Polythene bag, 12 individual bags are again packed into a Polythene bag making a bundle of 12 balls. These bundles are then packed into card board boxes. Our packing offers MAXIMUM protection against Water damage during shipment. You are welcome to give your own packing instructions if required, which we will follow happily.


Sample/s can be sent to you for your approval, also giving you the opportunity to feel the article/s physically and see their outlook.


This is very delicate point, prices vary upon quantity and means of transport e.g. Air Freight, Sea Freight (FCL or LCL, 20 Ft CONT or 40 Ft CONT), Extra colour/s logo printing, Extra packing etc, etc. We leave this point open to negotiations at the moment we receive your EXACT requirement/s.


Your query will be attended with our full attention. We guarantee our supplies to be according to the sample/s approved.

We are 100% committed to our clients. Each and every client enjoys our fullest support and attention at all times irrespective of the volume of his business. We build our association with our clients keeping in mind a long term future relationship !

Yours faithfully,

Best Regards

Mohsin A. SHABBIR.




51310 - Sialkot.

P A K I S T A N .

Tel: +92 (052) 426 78 86, 426 03 75.

Fax: +92 (052) 426 89 25.






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